Client Management

  • Access all leads with contact information in one location

  • Keep track of client interactions at every stage of the sale cycle to improve your sales approach 

  • Direct email/text communication with clients with custom templates 

customer management
form builder

 Form Builder

  • Create professional forms with easy to use functions/templates

    • Contact Us

    • Lease agreement

    • Event Registration

  • Track leads through form sign ups

  • Easily upload on your website or export


  • Reach  your employees quicker and easier using

    • Internal letters

    • text/email

    • Reminders

  • Organize and direct your business towards your goals using

    • Event scheduler

    • To-Do list

    • Live Active Schedule

Reminder Management


  • Simplify tasks for your employees by setting a predefined action and  timetable

  • Use forms, users, alerts, recipients and etc to automate 

    • the steps through the customer journey: Automatic email to leads within 5 days of filling interest form

    • And routine tasks: Time-off requests


  • Define sales stages and manage clients through the sales funnel

  • Track your weekly/monthly sales overview

  • Encourage better performance by setting sales targets for employees

  • Create and keep track of invoices, purchases, inventory

Reach Thousands Of Visitors

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